Cross-Toronto Community Development Corporation operating as Fresh Start Cleaning and Maintenance

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Employment Opportunities

Fresh Start as an employer of primarily part-time staff frequently hires consumer/survivors throughout the year. Employment opportunities directly relate to being short staffed in the field (primarily janitorial) which can happen quite suddenly with new contracts or be a result of an employee moving on from Fresh Start; likewise, similar requirements when seasonal related work such as snow removal is about to begin. An individual’s job performance and interactions with others determines their ability to grow and prosper in their specific role within Fresh Start’s workplace. A qualified applicant will skillfully perform quality cleaning, have excellent availability enabling them to attend regularly scheduled part-time shifts as well as to fill in on short notice for employee’s who are unable to make it to shifts. Applicants must have a valid SIN card or government SIN document, or valid work permit along with one piece of identification other than a Health card in order to qualify for employment.

Once hired, an employee’s job is primarily dependent on the individual’s ability to learn and absorb further basic cleaning and equipment operating skills, be consistent in the work effort given, and their ability to act professionally in carrying out the actual work.

By exhibiting excellent work ethics such as these each employee helps Fresh Start create a business environment which will thrive and continue to offer employment opportunities to themselves and other consumer/survivors into the foreseeable future.

Applications for employment can be filled out at the office or by filling out the applications below and forwarding a hard copy to the office by fax (416-504-3429), by email to, or via postal mail. The Human Resources Coordinator will contact applicants who qualify as available position(s) become available until they are filled.

Download General Employment Application

Download Snow Removal Application