Fresh Start is comprised of eight board members of which three (3) are employee members of the Corporation who are not administrative employees (Ontario Health formerly TCLHIN funded employee’s) of the Corporation. The remaining five (5) board members are from the general community and two (2) of which must be consumer/survivor’s of the mental health system according to the bylaws of the Corporation. This allocation of community volunteers of the board ensures consumer/survivor’s are in control of the Corporation where overarching decisions such as governance policies and procedures, and fiduciary matters are made monthly and will directly impact on the employees and membership of the Corporation.

Fresh Start is a non-profit charitable organization where the board primarily governs, and the staff primarily manages. While management may conceive, develop and implement the Corporation’s plan, the board will often monitor the process and provide guidance. Fresh Start’s Board of Directors provides this guidance to management through its Executive Director with clear expectations and does not necessarily become involved in the day-to-day operation of the Corporation.

Fresh Start to facilitate the day to day operations has developed clear job descriptions, board duties and terms of reference for its committee’s so that all of these important facets of operating the Corporation’s business run smoothly and work effectively. Through its committees, the board assists management in policy formation and strategic planning. Amongst other primary duties of the board are its fiduciary responsibilities to government, funder, and public entities, goals and objectives reviews, and oversight to the Corporation’s operations. Fresh Start’s Board of Directors does not have power or authority individually – the board’s decision-making ability lies in its collective group structure. At times individual board members may become extensively involved with one particular division within the Corporation and therefore be working directly with staff, but this is usually temporary.

Board Members

Community Board Members

Elliot George, Treasurer
Ashley Carder
Zachary Grant, Vice President
Lyne Arseneau, Secretary

Employee Board Members

Lisa Davidson, President
Mike Gray
Donna Murdoch

Office/Admin Staff

Richard Worr, Executive Director
416-504-4262, Ext. #5

In charge of the day to day operations, budget, management and staffing of the Corporation.

Debra Anderson, , Finance Administrator
416-504-4262, Ext. #2

In charge of day to day finances, sales, and banking of the Corporation.

Karen Schwartz, Human Resources Coordinator
416-504-4262, Ext. #3

In charge of implementing and upholding personnel policies, procedures and conducting staff evaluations within the Corporation.

Angela Hye-Jin Song, Scheduler/Administrative Assistant
416-504-4262, Ext. #1

In charge of the scheduling of employee staff for contracted and one-time sites and providing front-line reception duties.

Nancy Chipman, Payroll Clerk
416-504-4262, Ext. #4

In charge of the preparation and distribution of employee pay cheques, income statements and provide support for payables and receivables.

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